EDM电子乐舞曲音源-Codified Adaptive Launch Complex 2 KONTAKT–3.4Gb

Launch Complex 2 scripts all the features you might want for sampler based sound design, launching one shots or creating fx out of a sample. It can stack five layers


It has a full amplifier envelope, pitch envelope, two filter prototype options, scaled indexing, filter and pitch sweeping fx, a prototype granular sampler (not time machine ), a suite of real time fx, channel strip and five layer mixer that all work together, and all on the front panel and ready to go.


Because of the feature set, DFD is not possible. Everything must load into ram. SSD disk type and a fast computer is highly recommended


Included in this pack


  • 30 Neuro Element multi sampled instruments
  • Tone Riser LFX Patch with 30 elements
  • Noise Riser LFX Patch with 8 noise profiles
  • Multi sampled Hang hand drum
  • Multi sampled Balafon
  • 3 Oscillator multi sampled MKS 80
  • Total 3.8 gigabyte compressed ncw files (can be converted to wav with kontakt)
  • kontakt and maschine patch documents
  • audio samples are in ncw format


FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 required (NOT Kontakt Player)




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