House浩室人声素材Logic工程模板-789TEN Studio Sounds and Samples By Thomas Newson WAV, MiDi–1.6Gb

%title插图%numAn exclusive house music producer pack from Thomas Newson; master producer known from his iconic house tracks like ‘The Worker’, ‘Living 100’, ‘In The Club’ and of course his 2013 breakthrough record ‘Flute’; signed his music to all major electronic record labels, like Spinnin’, Armada, Musical Freedom, Insomniac and more.


This pack is big. It’s filled with all the 2020 house sounds & samples you need for your productions and unlike any pack you’ve ever seen; are you ready to dive in


With a pack featuring 1001 samples, 56 Presets, 65 Midi Files & Bonus Project File curated for cutting edge house music production, BIG is an understatement.


This pack has a really special bonus; a completely mixed and mastered project file.


Like any 789ten release, this pack comes with a lot of quality content.


The Sample Pack is divided into 4 separated folders:
– Thomas Newson Loops
– Thomas Newson Bonus Sounds
– Thomas Newson One Shots & FX
– Thomas Newson Vocals


Let’s take a closer look at the content that’s inside these folders.


Thomas Newson Loops: With over 9 different kind of loopers this section is the beating heart of the sample pack that represents the current sound of Thomas Newson.


Now one of our favorite parts of the sample pack, a free bonus addition for a limited time only,
The Thomas Newson EDM Signature Sounds: This represents the time when Thomas Newson exploded in his early days including kicks and samples from hits songs like ‘Flute’ & ‘Pallaroid’. We are thrilled to share a piece of electronic dance music history with you, with these iconic sounds.


Like we said. THIS SAMPLE PACK IS BIG. The Bonus EDM Signature Sounds Pack also comes with


Thomas Newson One Shots & FX: This part of the sample pack is where you can explore your limits and really can get to work with the sounds and samples that are given to you within this pack. With 11 folders there is a lot to show and tell about.


Thomas Newson Vocals: A small but useful part of the pack. Do not expect any vocals of Thomas signing ? But he did include some cool Shouts, One Shots & Loops that are very useful to round out your songs and give them that little extra edge.


The primary focus of this pack is the massive sample pack. But do not underestimate the presets, midi files & construction kits. If you are ever struggling to get inspiration or just want to play around with some fresh ideas these midi clips and construction kits, and presets are amazing.


THOMAS NEWSON PRESETS: This pack includes a variety of different presets made for different plugins that represents Thomas Newson at his best.


THOMAS NEWSON MIDI FILES: We are always really excited when we get a chance to include midi packs into our packs because it transfers a bit of the creativity directly from the hands of our artists to you and our boy Thomas Newson went hard, sharing 50 extra midi files.


PROJECT FILE: We are so grateful that we can offer something in return to our loyal customers so we got Thomas to include his project file of the Demo song for this Pack and we couldn’t be more happy to share this one with you! It is completely mixed and mastered so do not hesitate and grab this one today.


Project File Host Daw: Logic Pro X


Main Plugins Used In Project File: ArtsAcoustic Reverb, Brainworx bx_cleansweep, Waves CLA 2A, Waves CLA 3A, Waves CLA 76, Waves De esser, Waves H-Delay, Waves SSL Channel, Soundtoys Echo Boy, Dada Life Endless Smile, Fab Filter (Pro-C2, Pro-MB, Pro-Q2) AOM Invisible Limiter, Xfer LFO Tool, Maag EQ4, Magic AB V2, Mikron Reverb, SDRR2, Xfer OTT, Arturia SEM V, Cableguys Shaperbox, Raising Jake Studios SideMinder, SPL DeVerb, SPL Transient Designer, Cytomic The Glue, Cableguys Volume Shaper, Valhalla Room, Xfer Serum.




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