Pop流行VOX人声素材Spire预置-Roundel Sounds Pop Vox Beats Vol.5 WAV, MiDi–598Mb

%title插图%num‘Pop Vox Beats Vol 5’ by Roundel Sounds is available to add to your collection of Pop Vox Beats packs, or, if you’re new to the series, to bring you top-quality, fresh female Pop vocals to inject into your DAW. You’ll find catchy vocals, in both English and Spanish, and as always, WAV and MIDI stems surrounding each vocal line are included. To top it off there are some catchy spire presets to experiment with.


This pack includes inspiring melodies, smashing kicks, crispy snares and claps, warm basslines, perfectly fitted FX sounds, powerful plucks and synths sounds, carefully processed leads, bright guitar strumming chord progressions and some gentle piano sounds. In addition to that, perfectly crafted vocal chops stems are included along with every project’s MIDI files.


This pack comes with four top quality sample Construction Kits and features everything you need to produce your next vocal EDM masterpiece. With a great-sounding selection of instrumental stems and MIDI, this product is a perfect vocal song-starter and an inspirational boost.




MIDI files are included for all instruments, including drums, allowing you to tweak each composition or replace any sound in the production process to feed your needs and track idea. By using the MIDI file format, you can also change the tempo, key signature of the whole track and even single notes in the file to fit perfectly into your arrangement.


Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software:


All sounds have been processed and edited using professional, award-winning UAD plug-in software, to add some analogue warmth. All you have to do is simply drag and drop any WAV or MIDI file into your favourite DAW and you’re good to go.


Product Details:


– 18 WAV Female Vocal Stems (Wet/Dry/Raw) in Stereo/Mono
– 78 WAV Instrument Stems
– 27 MIDI Instrument Stems
– 7 Spire Presets
– Kicks, Snares, Basslines, Pianos, Guitars, FX, Synths & More
– 44.1kHz/24-Bit WAV
– 100% Royalty-Free






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