Serum血清预置Trap-Knob Control Prog Trap Control-20Mb

%title插图%numKnob Control presents Prog Trap Control – Serum Soundset, a super fresh colllection of presets for the popular Serum VST synth!


Prog Trap Control – Serum Soundset brings you 100 expertly crafted presets and allows you to explore the sonic boundaries of Trap Music. The variety of sounds is incredible: featuring 808s, leads, bass, pad, pluck and FX, these sound candies are waiting for your magic touch: just shape, reshape and tweak them as you wish!


What is included:


– 20 808
– 30 Bass
– 10 Pluck
– 10 Pad
– 25 Lead
– 5 FX


** Please Note: You need to have Serum installed in your computer to use this Soundset**






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