Trapstep素材Serum预置Ableton工程-WA Production Hybrid Trap Force WAV&MiDi 300Mb

%title插图%numW. A. Production is super excited to bring Hybrid Trap Force, a Trap based Template we created to show producers like yourself exactly how a Hybrid Trap track is made. Take this template, dissect it, and learn as much as possible! Hybrid Trap Force is a packed Construction Kits that is full of resources like a full Ableton Project that shows you pretty much exactly how we created the House project, all of the Stems of each instrument used in the project, all of the Presets we used to create each section and all of the MIDI files of each Stem in the project so you can recreate the track with your own sounds as well as customize the MIDI arrangement. This particular Template was created in the key of Gm and in the tempo of 145 BPM. The Ableton Project is a special addition to this Template as it allows you to see hidden things like the master racks and learn how to master a Trap track, or the effects area on each instrument as well as the drum effects to study how we post processed the drums in the project. Check out what all comes in this beastly Template! 1 Ableton Template14 MIDI Loops12 Serum Presets8 Stems (Construction Kit)

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