Trap嘻哈采样-Zenhiser Studio Essentials Trap WAV 385Mb

%title插图%numWe’re delving deep and heavy in the Trap scene here at Zenhiser and it was only a matter of time before we could release a Studio Essentials Trap pack that would blow your mind, so lock the studio door, play the preview f*ckin loud and get ready to press the buy button! Crammed full of everything you need to turn your studio into a Trap haven, Studio Essentials Trap is a 500 sample strong toolbox designed for professional producers and seasoned remixers alike. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for subby tight basslines, dirty 808 inspired beats, dam son! synth lines or even the most essential Trap drum sounds to date, trust us when we say this is the Zenhiser pack for you. Zipping in at 548mb of brand new Trap sounds makes this a first stop for any and all Trap producers looking to both diversify their sample library and add some extra shine to their tracks. So if you want to be at the top of the Trap game, this is an absolute must, boost your productions in minutes and take the Trap genre to a whole new level. These Trap sounds are an absolute must! Studio Essentials – Trap specs: Trap Basslines – 50Trap Drum Beats – 150Trap Drums – Kicks – 17Trap Drums – Hi Hats – 17Trap Drums – Snares – 29Trap Drums – Percussion – 25Trap Drums – Cymbals – 6Trap Drums – Vox – 6Trap Full Loops – 50Trap FX – Hits – 41Trap FX – Shots – 29Trap FX – Synth – 16Trap FX – Vox – 14Trap Synth Loops – 50 All audio files within this Zenhiser pack are 24bit 44.1khz wav

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