VOX人声采样-HipHop-RnB-Pop-LGND Media VOX Laquan Green WAV–83Mb

%title插图%numVOX: Laquan Green’ is the first foray into one-shot Kits from LGND. With the chart-topping successes of ‘Empires 2’, ‘Empires: Laquan Green’, ‘Empires Doxology’, ‘Sara Smile’, ‘Skylines’ and so many others, there is one thing in common that was the catalyst for the widely seen success: the voice of Laquan Green.


With this collection of custom one-shot vocals and acapellas from the singer songwriter, LGND has brought the best from one of the best.


These one-shot vocals ranging from airy adlibs, to full sung phrases, this pack will add the emotion and ecstasy that Laquan Green has been known to bring. Just drop these one-shots into your favourite DAW and they can be easily played as an instrument, making it the most innovative collection to date with its longevity.


Here are some tips on loading these sounds into Logic Pro X EXS24 used by LGND and countless others to create the vox sound that they are most known for.


Open EXS 24. Once opened, go to the ‘edit’ option in the top right corner of the virtual instrument. Drag the desrired vocal one-shot into the new pop up window. Play your new VOX instrument on your MIDI keyboard or automate within the piano roll and enjoy the endless creativity. For FL Studio users, simply place the desired one-shots where all other production tools are stored and automate or play from your MIDI keyboard.


Product Details


• 25 Custom Vocal One-Shots
• 2 Acapella Hooks & Verses
• Over 150 MB of Content
• 100% Royalty-Free






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