Voxengo效果器插件包-Voxengo Plugins Bundle 2019.9 CE WiN 110Mb

Plugins by Voxengo. Voxengo professional audio plugins will empower your creativity and help improve the quality of your stereo and surround sound audio and music production. Included:AnSpec v1.3 – Free analog-style one/third-octave spectrum analyzerBeeper v2.8 – insert beep, noise burst or silence signalsBMS v2.3 – Bass Management System plugin for surroundBoogex v2.5 – Free Guitar amplifierCorellometer v1.1 – Free CorellometerCRTIV Chorus v1.1 – Stereo chorusCRTIV Reverb v2.0 – Stereo reverbCRTIV Tape Bus v1.2 – Reel-to-reel tape saturationCrunchessor v2.11 – Crunchy track compressorCurveEQ v3.7 – Linear-phase spline equalizerDeft Compressor v1.8 – Bus compressorDrumformer v1.7 – Multiband drum & master track dynamicsEBusLim v1.2 – Easy-to-use brickwall peak limiter & loudness maximizationElephant v4.9 – Transparent mastering limiter (loudness maximizer)GlissEQ v3.11 – Dynamic equalizerHarmoniEQ v2.4 – Harmonically-enhanced equalizerLatency Delay v2.5 – Compensate LatencyLF Max Punch v1.8 – Bass punch, saturation & sub frequency synthesizerMarquis Compressor v2.2 – Harmonic-rich compressor/gateMarvel GEQ v1.6 – Free linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizerMSED v3.2 – Free Professional mid-side processingOldSkoolVerb v2.5 – Free ReverbOldSkoolVerb Plus v1.1 – Enhances the free OldSkoolVerb with a spatialOVC-128 v1.2 – ClipperOvertone GEQ v1.13 – Free 7-band harmonic (overtone) graphic equalizerPHA-979 v2.7 – Track phase alignmentPolysquasher v3.1 – Mastering compressorPowershaper v1.1 – Overdrive saturationPrimeEQ v1.2 – Easy-to-use parametric equalizerr8brain PRO v2.0 – Standalone Sample Rate ConvertorShinechilla v1.1 – Harmonic generatorSoniformer v3.10 – Advanced spectral mastering dynamicsSound Delay v1.8 – Free sample delaySPAN v3.5 – Free Real-time FFT spectrum analyzerSPAN Plus v1.8 – Extended real-time FFT spectrum analyzerSpatifier v1.2 – Spatially-enhance mono sounds & create the stereo & depthStereo Touch v2.10 – Free Stereo-wideningTempo Delay v2.2 – Free multi-feature delayTransGainer v1.8 – Transient shaperTube Amp v2.6 – Free “tube amp”VariSaturator v1.12 – Two-band saturation & loudness maximizationVoxformer v2.15 – Vocal Multi-FXWarmifier v2.3 – Tube/valve warming & harmonic enhancement

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