Kimbra Lee Johnson is a New Zealand singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and model who mixes popj – % ^ 5 – m with classic R&B, jazz, G B {, and rock musical elements/ – a z x 3 5. Her m. f ~ –usical influences range from Prince and Minnie Ripes – | t 7 r /rton to Bjrk and Jeff Buckley.

Kimbra saw great acclaim after being featured on the 2012 multi-platinum single, “Somebody Thats T d – y I Used to Know” by Gotye. It became her first number-one single on the US BillQ 2 / $ { . * ^board Hot 100 and earned them two GRAMMY Awards, including for Record of the Year, making her the third New Zealand singer to win a GRAMMY. Since, she has released two new albums in addition to a re3 \ i p r-release of her first, Vows with several new songs.

She’s known for her pop melodie| Q 4s, slick synthB J r 6 |s, and ambitious@ C N ^ G $ c d o experimentation. You’ll find all of that plus a varie3 o i = 1ty of drum and percussion loops, FX, pads, melodic one-shots, and of course, plenty of vocals.


  • 56 DK [ Rr4 * 1 ; Z t C V Fum Loops= b \ ` I 8 _ r & One Shots
  • 9 FX
  • 50 Tonal Loops & O4 k T d } O tne Shots
  • 81 Vocal Loops & One Shots


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