The Scintilla Sample Pack Vol. 8 is here with 13 original compositions + stems with bpm and key info, ready for you to sample, flip and geW e . Ft creative with.

Scintilq r ( 8 y ( `la is italian fo7 E y `r “spark” and no matter if you’re looking for something aggres– G gsive, smoot2 Z 2h, Hip Hop, R&B or Trap, this pack will spark some crea` 3 = l v 6tive ideas for sure!

Samples fR B 7rom the Scintill9 ` & e ~ Xa series have been used on songs by Tory Lanez, King Combs, Ty Dolla– P I 9 h j n $ign, Jhen Aik1 1 2 V k V Co, H.E.R and many more.

All files come in 24 bit / stereo / wav formatting, compatible withv \ ] ` J @ % every DAW and drum machine and 100% royalty free.

ContV 9 p P z E sains:

  • 13 Compositions + Stems
  • 2.55 GB Uncompressed


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