This Bundle includes 40 sample packs by Function Loops. It can be used for different genres of electronic music sucha L @ 7 w as Trap, Future Bass, RnB, Hip Hop,* t x . q ] , 7 Pop, Dubstep, PsyL ; o T 9 j ?trance, Synthwave, DnB, Progressive House, Te\ = Pch House, Downtempo. E) 8 Dnjoy!


Function Loops Melodi5 W I B _ $c Synt( j 9 z Bhwave WAV MiDi s ^ 1 x F z Yi
Function Loops Memphis Hip Hop WAV MiDi
Function Loops TrK { j n b ? M c Oap In Space WAa @ F Q &V MiDi
Functi0 : v7 @ ? ) J P d s Von Loops Night Str= l } y w Ream Lo-Fi Hip Hop WAV MiDi
Function Loops Vocc _ ~ M g 8 * r; b [al Synthpop WAV MiDi
Functi1 T ^ 3 o D x Tonm Z x M ] l O 1 Loops L_ f ? F g ~o-Fi Hip HC X 1om h u – l | 9 W zp And Future Soul W_ f 3 h 5AV XFER RECORDS S\ p S ` I gERUh + b 7 { $ – W LM
F9 : $ # R \unction Loops Psytrance Astrono ` r h 6auts WAV MiDi SY7 W MNTH PRESETS
Function Loope I w 1s Melodicm B g U A 4 ChilA ( w U { r !l Trap WAV Mj u ( # C #iDi
Function L\ _ P * i ]oops Pop 2020 WAV MiDi
Function Loops ReggaetoZ $ 5 ` 4 f 8 ( ~n New Drb V Sumkit WAV
Function Loops– u f \ @ 6 Modern Afrobeats WAV MiDi
Function Loops Vocal Pack By Lokka Vox WAV
Function Loops Mainroom3 o 1 Techno WAV
FunctioM ` C o ( x N $n Loop8 8 U _ 9 \s Jackin Tech House WAV MiDi
Function* R p k a Loops T– } 2 M E x brap Vs Rock=Fire WAV MiDi
Function LooC e & U n z ? = !ps Poppin Trap WAV MiDi
Function Loops M2 U M ! /elodic Trap( 7 _ + And RnB WAV MiDi
Functi! U !on Loops Psyp s ltrance Drums WAV
Function] = z Loops Tech House Movies WAV Mi/ 9 N | f v JDi
Function Loops Prime Vocal Moombahton WAV MiDi
Function# { * E t : / Loops Trap And Hip Hop New Drumkit WAV MiDi
Function Loops Dubs[ R p =tep And Riddim 202k ) S C = ~ @ 10 WAS $ T 3 4 0V
Function Loops Groove Tech House WAV MiDi
Function Loops Psytrance Designers Kit} . L G _ b k Q y WAV MiDi XFER RECORDS SERUM
Function Loopsh E @ Funky MA q t & Fixtape WAV MiDi
Function Loops Trap Scale WAVJ } ` ? O 3 H MiDi
Function Loops 80s Nw * 7 T B V @ 5 2eon Waves WAV MiDi| W M n
Function Loops 90s Infused Hip H$ ; i 1 top WAV MiDi
Function Loops Vocal Pz Z M u Y . y a top Stories WAV MiDi-
Function Loops Prime Cuts Riddim Dubstep WAV MiDi
Function Loops Progressive House Worldwide WAV MiDi LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENT1 p } ; yH1h a 5 _ { X s
Function Loops Trip Hop Future And Downtempo WAV MiDi
Function Loops Trap Soul And Modo = 6 &L F :amp; Hern Hip Hop WAV MiDi SYNTH PRESETS
Funct| ) U x & b Z Zion Loops Drum And Bass Journeys WAV MiDi
Function Loops Future Soul And Melodic Tp 4 B [ i Drap WAV6 S W j f t N + MiDi
Function Loops Neon Future Bass WAV MiDi LENNAR DiGiTAL SYLENTH1
FunctiT | 5 Yon Loops Melodic Trap And Smooth RnB WAV MiDi
Function Loops Psytrance S| p p X 3tud} r h ) | {i] 0 9 W R. 2 s / 7 & & 9 0o Tool3 i g [ k _ 2 ms WAV MiDiW g D d 5 m XFER REF { t U iCORDS SERUM
Function Loops Cloud TrapB 4 N s a _ And Emo Hip Hop WAV MiDi SYNTH PRESETS
Function Loops Trr k sap Or Drown WAV MiDi