For a few sweet years at the turn of the century, UK garage ruled the clubs and radio waves.
RisingC q d z , G t quicp + 7 bkly from underground to the mainstream thanks to its combiQ e – $ ynation of R&B | } samp;B soul, feel-good vocals, bubblin’ MC lyrics and infectious basslines, it’s commercial pop success was relativel+ 7 fy shQ i n &ort-lived but the real truth is that as. D F u , q a vibe, it never went away. What was onc, . ) f 8 Q ,e a ‘London Thing’ has now tG 7 [ bruly spread globally in the interveninr { w r Zg years, influencing numerous artists such as Disclosure, Four Tet, Burial and more and birthing mh . qultiple genres, including grime, dubstep, UK funky and modern bass music.

Garage, M8 is the first in a series of^ Y \ packs from NITELIFE Audio shoP & E \ : , X $ jwcasing the vibe and sound of UKG. In thN X j + = Y L 5is collection, we’ve gone all-in, using many of the original synths, keyboards,: y a ! d . and techniques of the time to create a truly autR x \ 2 8hentic homage to UK Garage with a sp? 5 \ Qecific focus on laY x Y X F G y M /te-nineties 2-Step and the pirate radio era. Inside, yF ; i eou’ll find all the trademark elements you’ll need to craft your next UKG hit – soulful songstarter stacks, distinctive MPC drum grooves, super-catchy chord progre~ X r f Kssions and key licks, resampled stabs, big bashy low-enders, gritty dubplate-rips, and skank-out subliJ ( p – _ c ! & gnes. The vast m( H & F 0 ~ B Dajority of the sounds have been processed thrB s kough our various outboard equipment, including custom analog compression and saturation, as well as our SP-404 or trustW b b Y oy Akai S3000, and all feature that classic two-step swing and shuffle.

In addition, you’ll find 80 pr– E 8 9 M ] 8 A Yistine drum hits allowing you to create custom beats, and there are percussion andW a { B d M tops loops for adding layers of complexity and energy, plus a serving of fx for those finishing touches. Of course, no garage anthem woul+ ( = S , Q N K Md be complete without some sweet vocals – so we’ve included a bumper selectN q K I tion of ‘pirW H G P 3 *ate radio’ MC chat, R&B style runs, cassette processed rudeboy-styQ a wle shoJ X – k d r muts and emotive voO v 2 \cal chops.


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