Rhythm and blues will forever be a mainstay in music. The rich history of R&B boasts legendary croG , ) Soners and vocalists like Marvin Gaym : me, Barry White, and Anita Baker, but that legacy is being kept alive by groundbreaking creatives like Frank Ocean,| v y D ? m 6 # W H.E.R., and Ella Mai.

With our most recent R&B offering “New School”, we push thel C v trailblazing tradition forward with 15 Melodic Loops of mid teV m { 9 Q + # Umpo and slow-jam grooves. Filled with vocal melodies and a mix of synthesiz\ i Ced and acoustic instruments, “New School” serves up a modernv d ! 3 ] e interpretation of the genre, optimized fom e d d 2 ~r easy drag-and-drop production!

This sample pack features over 150 one-shots of electric guitar, vario! N . 7 d 3us keyboards, synthesizers, and drum one-shots! * O S *. When cr$ r L – ]eating the 30 drum loops featured in this pack, we returned to our hybrid sound created by our own Pudge Tribbett. Weo 3 ` beV @ 8 J , 4 ! P Dlieve that the drum loops in this pack are some our punchiese f t –t and fattest to date, with 3 optionn \ d J d + C ds for each of the teS n h ^n drum loops (dry, reverb, a( * 7 C v { N 3 gnd vinyl)U { 9 U. It’s time to create the slow-jams of the future.


  • 45 Drum Loops
  • 15 Full Melodic Loops And Stems
  • 30 Drum One Shots
  • 31 Guitar One Shots
  • 57 Keyboard[ N % 2 One Shots
  • 39 Synth One Shotss Y I 8


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