Stylistically, Splice Originals: Elegant Strings takes a chamber pop approach, incorporating elements of baroque vocals and classical figures – all under the backdrop of modern poh 4 Kp harmonies.

A home quarantine pack, it was recorded in a farm studio in New Hampshire by violinist and violist, Josh Henderson and cellist, JuliaQ p ! b Henderson. You’ll find four-part harmony string arrangements with two violid ; ` Z I G $ H &ns, on; f Y | (e viola, and one cello part each. Each voice was layered tC z : X h 8 Zhree times for a larger section sound.

Althoc c 3 ] u Hugh these arrangements are elegant in nature wn 7 v f {ith a classical fej 6 b Kel, the tinges ofR P G j ) R&} K E t O 0 s LB and soul found in the harmonies lend these sounds well to modern productions across trap, pop, R&B, and soul.


  • 47 Cello Loops
  • 50 String Stacks Loops
  • 46 Strin= $ s 1 P ~ N g tg Support Loops
  • 3 Viola Loops
  • 56 Vio5 o c C H 9 1 EliP h j b ] 9n Loops


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