For this Splice Originals pack, songwriter, musician, and vocalist Hollis Wong-Wear lends herH 5 ; O 8 r \ | ethereal riffs and harmonic textures to lift your productions into the spectral plane. If yoX ? G # G Q 9 + )u’re looking to add some light or a touch of sweetness to your tracks, look no fu\ B d W Zrther than these soulful arrangements.

We captured her swoons and swD B h y } x j #ells with the combination of a Neumann U87 going throughq | 7 x Neve 1073s and a dust+ d w p i king of compression with an APA Leviathan. Take a dip in heaven and dive into paradise.


链接:https://pan.5 – ! i h \ 提取码:0o4c