Lush Pianos & Rhodes, lo-fi atmospheric Pads, ambient Guitars, warm Bass synths and our unique vocal phrases\ i m this is not only a part of the Pelham & Junior sound, but it’s where it all began.

The Mellow Hues sound and variants continue to grow with its latest: t\ q Y W i 0 ( 2 5he Lush Hues sample pack. The Lush Hues sample pack is a compact version of the Mell/ 7 Q 5 7 s i { @ow Hues series. This pack was inspirea P , / y sd by the likes of Alina Baraz, Tom Misch, Iran Europe, The Weeknd and more!

Complete with 12 Compositions (including stems) & 87 one shots of Bass,d V i T q Z @ Guitar, Keys,a * _ Vocals and more – the Lush Hues sample pack offers a variety of sounds to use in R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop and more.


72 Melodic Loops
87 Melodic One ShoQ ! Kts


链接:https://pY s ^ \ U g j WYO5Ba7RsufuaPMvSHYQ` 4 l A . C k g e 提取码:vs3w