Jarell Perry, better known as Yore, can cut through the noise with a single vocal tic, melody, or well-m a \timed brn r ~ y N Eeath. He got his start singing in the church, and his stx x k F l N j z Jyle is firmly rooto ) Med in these same epiphu V A 6anic hymns. No matter his audience, he’s able to transmit an emotional t? q n : ; Hruth with his voice, which somehow effortlessly carries his hope, sorrow, joy, love, and everythin[ R E @ 0 e qg between.

His sample pack is a crystalline capture of Perry’s raw vocal power, determined but delicate, vulnerable even at full vP A wolume. We record{ s X Q Q m \ z red his performance at Aura Studi~ T * – L bos in Brooklyn with a simple signal chai~ A / g M !n. We ran a Bock 47 microphone through ar % Kn Avedis Audio Ma5 pre-amp and Tubetech CL1B. We left s5 ) P fome of the loops and one-shots raw, and used VocalSynth to layer and lace the rest.

These sounds will be welcome anywhere, from the chill spo. P j @ ct to$ [ @ – L the church potluck to the chart tops.

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