Real Love are the most authentic musical RNB Cuts in the game. An extensive selection of expertly sculpted loo– = [ G D @ L P yps and samp\ ! Wles, from soulG _ : P ! E * t \ful basslines, shimmeric # Yng bluesy guitar5 l z . Ps, mix-ready drums, emotive vocals, and pleZ h ) dnty more.

This collection of RNB Cuts is an invaluable addition to any producer looking to delve deeper into the world of RNB, Trap, Pop, and beyond. Providing professionally crafted tools tob 7 w ! 5 aid the crear r A 8 q L 3tive process f& K $rom start to finish.


10 808s
80 Drum Hits
11 Drum Loops
123 Music Loops
27 Vocals

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