Moo Latte is an African rooted Polish producer based in Copenhagen. He is educated both as a classical and jazz instrumentalist and composer. Currently ac9 j 4tive on the internat* c a @ ` E ~ional music scene he is respB ; \ $ { ] fonsible f3 G n !or releases with such names as Bitamina, Soia, Elu U 6 } ? k * cijah Fox, Chel9 R _ a : H lsea Reject, Kinkai, Marie Dahlstrom and many other artists from Europe and US. As a pa s Eroducz n X B H P 7er MooC % 8 ; . J j J , Latte navigi l M Qates between genres lG 9 P ; i \ike hip hop, soul, jazz and eG E A g Zthnic music. He develo, = . H = – _ps his personal sound by combining sample@ Z Ts, acoustic instruments and syn_ a \ s u / 0 d ,thesizers.

In the Soulful MOOds Sample Pack hep ; ; 6 t v – G – has gatherex B $d his most personal sounds of electric hollow body jazz guitarK T :, vintage electric pianos and some carefully crafted synth patches and self recorded drum and percussion sounds that w_ J N J i o =ill inspirR 5 E 9 le any producer within the wide range0 . z F , : d u of genres from Lo-fi hip hop to Sp , l 5 * Z / %oulful beats or Future Bass. ThT W E @e– Q r Y y K ? loops, riffs and me? D 8lodies have a charf p 4 B / E E Zacteristic humanX Z y u d ^ feel and will b# + 7 ) Ae perfect to pitch and stretch around to get an own and personal sound in just couple of seconds. Soulful MOOds are great to eiX O + 7 y 7ther get an instant inspiration for a new track or sp\ C 0 p Jice up your beats which just lack that one, la: 6 B { q ^st human touch.


32 Drum Loops
222 Melodic Loops
86 Drum One Shots
2 FX] 3 r i v ? @
105 Melodic One Si q 1 7 L ; ^ \ Fhots


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