Room Keys: 4am Future RnB blends late night soul with smokey RnB aesthetics. Hazy neon synths and shimmering guitars meet twisted pitched vocals, lush chox B h 1 ~rd progr= s s ) lessions and futuJ g ] ~ristic keys. CreO R R X ! d [ated in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics, we recordN @ Z ( : 4ed live sessions deep into the early hours to chop, resample and layer into a cocktail of late night love songi o ? |s.

Carefn C E & ) o Iully arranged and processed melodics create a deep collection of song starters and stacked loops. Live guitars, classic Rh} q Nodes, unique vintage syne $ + = ; ^ S Z wth tones and gV ] W 5 } R I ;hostly voices were treated with gui\ x k r n H P –tar pedals, tape emulations andB N y X dusty reverbs. Drums and percussion feature drum loops dripping in character, unique snares and live percussion one shots.

Every loop has been– , / H \ 3 meticulously tagged and tempo-synced7 f R ^ 1 /. Perfect for dark RnB, Trap Soul, experimental beats and more.

Co+ ; f _ @ @ entains:

25 Drum & Peo \ [ ;rc Loops
35 Drum & Perc One Shots
182 Melodic Loops
38 One Shots

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