MIDIGRAM is our largest Royalty-Free MIDI melody collection yet! Includes 200+ main melody, counter melody, bass/808, as well as hij + $ A # E p = _-hat & snare patterns for you to construct unlimited amounts of placement ready hits. Drag & drop these patterns intP u ]o the piano rolT . Ll of your DAW for instant inspiration while still maintaining full creativew % $ W control. Co8 [ e N ^ ` o A Gmpatible with all DAW software, VST’s & one-shot sampl, ` x Q s ` ves. Created by TWill aka Team Producergrind’s secret weapon for sam. T y Pples. **Contains MIDI patterns only. No WAV files


55+ Lush & Emotional R&B Melodies
Combine one of the 55 included emotionalL v f melodies with over 35 counter melody selections to create unlimited R&B vibes. Perfect for Rod Wave & Jacquees inspired beats.

DV & J , u + y 1ark &aZ y i B f = 5 Rmp; Hype Trap Melodies

Pair up thef # F Y . f , : 7se MIDI pattern3 N V # ns with your favorite guiu d = O A Vtar & piano VST t/ – ) ] M ?o create h^ 8 Iard industry ready samples. Insc _ ( R M \ V 6pired by the goated sound created by produ# Q [ h ! T wcers like Pyrex & Southside.

Complex Virt1 O ! t : X [ vual/Hyper-Pop Melodies

Tap into some new aged EDM influenced proA – F Lgressions using your favor/ & 9 i Eite synth VST. Inspired by the sound made popular by Jetsonmade, Playboi Carti & more.

Your New Go-To MIDI Hi-Hat & Snare` = & y 3 x D/Clap Patterns

Destroy beat block by simply dragging and d\ 7 K 4 # P 0ropping one of the 17 included drum p1 , U z : ; T \atterns onto your favorite percussion samples. Tapping into new bounces wF & 2 8 l c vi0 ) o V yll help you think outside the box & learn new ways to finesse your dU J } U c { u 5rums.

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