‘Rnb Soul – Roses’ by Godlike Loops is an inspirational new school take on a classic souj Y J M Hnd. Ful – V ) D ? 4 –sing the sonic perfection and cinematics of Chill Trap with the Soul and depth of Rn, k Q \ . 5 qB, this 100% Royalty-Free co~ ) Cllection is a guaranteed ticket to a unique source of inspiration found once in a blue moon.

Catapualt your RnB and Trap beats into the next century with ‘Godlike Loops’ ‘2 _ 8 t D L 9Rnb Soul- Roses’. This is the collection of sounds that will take your music to the realms of professO 6 L – FioG 3 . ^ n U V \nal production. ‘Rnb SouO X R zl – Roses’ is now available to purchase and download today.

‘Rnb SouT | c O – Kl : Roses’ hK P t C D 7as the tools you need to set thn R / y qe right mood for any modern RnB or Soul track.


10 Bass Loops
32 Drum Loops
17 Melodic Loops
2 Vocal– W ~ Chops Loops
37 MIDIs
Key & Tempo Labelled
101-11 2 ~ F 4 = V W53 BPM
44.1kv 9 L c Z h m xHz/24-Bit
100% Ro# W ~ u f 5 m k 6yalJ n Y 0 I ]ty-Free


链接:https://pan.bai4 G D ? ! sdu.com/s/1w-0cPyDar-CEGBRB4_36JQ 提取码:26lw ) t ]p