This pack was born from the Senegal edition of Splice Sessions. The producer Iss 814 (born Ismaila Talla) used some of the raw material from those sessions recorded in Dakar last April to craft his own sounds. The resulting pack amplifies the style he originated called Dakar Trap, combining West AfricX * ` # m * D 9 Can rhythms with those of weste] R Zrn hip hop. In addition to plenty of brand new material, Ismaila included some of his signature beats in this pack.

Ismaila makes note that many of Senegal’s traditional instruments are~ ( ~ ^ used in western R&B and rap music today. He sees this as a celebratory way to carry on and export the Senegal= T tese tradition overseas. In this pack, you’ll find the sounds of these instruments including the tam-tam, ngondi, kora, and balafon, amon[ I x w ? B ;g others. These instruments reflect the sounds of nature, addh D T K $ p V &ing elements of groundedness and connection to the music composed of them. Ismaila looks forward to hearing whZ * Q 6at you make with these sounds.

C_ K + U 0 , w r iontains:

19 Drum Groove Loops
15 Percussion Loops
14 Top Loops
48 Melo@ + z ~ P ) 1 V =dic Loops
12 Melodic Serum Loops
6 Bass Loops
9 Chord Loops
18 Lead Loops
1 Tama Percussion Loop
2 Vocal Chops
9 Vocal Loops
40 Drum One Shots ( 7 Claps & Snaps+ } V,e R J P g $ S 7 4 Cymbals, 3 Hats, 9 Kicks, 9 Percussion
8 Snares)
31 Melodic One Shots
62 ] A 5 c g p Texture Onez Q r Shots
3 Transition One Shots
11 Vocal One Shots
12 MIDIs
12 Serum Presets

Proper MULTiFORMAT: Includes all presets, MIDIs and Loops

DED 1 U :MO试听:

链接: D f 8/s/1Zg0_1NREbg3n 7 ^ c n p T AVr8-I10Krxw 提取码:0gce