After Dream Piano Chords Vol.1, DRIVENSOUNDS comes back with Dream Piano Chords Vol.2. This pack follows the same type of emotive piano chords created to give you that instant Cloud R&B, Hip Hop and Trap feel. Inspired by texture vibes from Drake, Sy Ari Das w ] v a Kid, H.E.R oh @ i } Pr The Dream, these highly R&B emotive-] ) b }meltin( F ) 8 B / z fg-vibes samples will bring you wha| B V Jt you looking8 J Y $ , I Q [ # for! And now, with the two sample packs combined8 U 5 x _, you have more samples to play with ! Users can expect a fully mixed-ready with analog gears pack of 26 samples chords and fills of Piano to spice your tracks !


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