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Note-based audio editing
Melodyne grants you unrival$0 W R k L \ Ved access to all the musical details in your recordings and samples – note by note.! 3 M This is made possible by a sophisticated analyx q \ z $sis that delves deeply int) a ! y Q @ So your recordings and samples, anP N u kd recognizes and under8 h C+ Y g G ; z X 8 h bstands the musical relationships within themz v x: t7 Q h – a \, X ; O Phe individual notes and their characteristics, the scales, keys and chords, the timing, the tempo, the tone color. And with Melodyne you can edit all these things intui} w \ N s L S N 0tively. Withs ) 4 X n vocals, but every type of inst! X d = ; Jrument as wellR O R ] l – including pos ( d B % ] A Plyphoni8 G w d k $ Hc ones, such as the piano and guitar.

Notes and tools
InT o Z b Z i Melodyne, notes are represented by blobs. By manipulating theE z o P a a / 0 |se with Melodyne’s powerful tools, you( Y . can edit (among other things) the pitch, vibrato, v– / ,olume, sibilants, length, timing andB . p q v y X formant\ i w ^ 5 Z }s ofh X b W j ! each note. I8 : c D k F w on t) 0 b u p * this way, youx 5 R G caV % b = % Y 1n eC E tnhance in a musical yet straightforward manner the intonation, phrasing, dynF R ~ 0 I b – 3: V Q C TamicZ @ k 41 I \ p W \ Y \s and timbre of a performance. While ingenious algorithms ensure your edit0 b ` k 9 H | W ;ing’s almost always iV 6 ! 9 5 j u p ;naudible, se: s G Z & } A ,nsitive, natural.

New i8 t fn Version 5.3
The? N s O y 3 t update to VerV ~ F 7 usion 5.3 conA e r CtaiW C 2 w J _ U k @n9 z e B v : * [ *s imprU E F * g a L }ovements and bug fixes, which is why we recommend it to all users. Moreover, Melodyne 5.3 is required for ARA integration into Pro Toom Y S } #ls 2022.09.

New features and improvements

Surround: In both ARA and Transfer modes, Melodyne can now also* K b be usedk ] p N r o a B | for the editing of tracks in the standard surround formaty – x x w v Ts.
ARA in Pro Tools: Melodyne 5.3 comes with all the technical prerequisites fow v v ?r ARA inte| c ;gration into Pro Tool1 c { ~ ts from Version 2022.09 upwards an= o 3 V ` b I gd thusU $ ^ makes aO N l 0 su j g & * 2 yignifica) $ Y _ 7ntly iM = | gmproved workflow in Pro Tools possibH _ 5 k Wle.
Preferences: When Melo( W C Z \ h E Cdyne is employed for tha | { Q 4 Ee first time as a plug-in, it loads the set of k# ^ }eyboard shortcuts correspondc X 9 v p & X w ping to the DAW you are using.

Bug fixes

Rc i u A J Gecording& } a j G ! – M: In th_ p ~ T y # (e stand-au # z @ Y ^ Slone implementati+ A * H jp l 0 _ . L + l m ~ E xon of Melodu 6 i + & ) Oyne, you can now– . 8 also us+ 0 v ^ = b 2e a recording device with a moz K = D ^ ino input (e.g. a MacBook microphone).
ARA in Cubase: When moving an ARA event to a track that is not selected, th/ 5 ?e selection in Melodyne is now retained8 ~ O & o N.
Pro Tool) 9 x V u : 4 bs: The pos5 V * 6 Z M rition of the playback cursor in Melodyne1 U T v a 0 5 2 I is now corrM } 5 y F uj u 0 #) u / v % yectly updated even whe. V $ # R ( ^ N Tn playback is stopped.
AAX in Pro Tools: When bouncing/comm$ – ) Z { ? kittingd t # ? ) G n, Melodyne nos * k 4 V (w correctly evaluates the off– t v A J w X Xline setting.
The Correct Pitch macro: When the macro was applied to a very larg2 K ` j / & –e numC v t Y = k ~ L ober of notes simult) Q j 7 ^ C { ` 2aneously, Melodyne would sometimes freeze. ThD = [ R K I v = Ais no longer happep R W ) 3ns.
PrefeL u Z / . $ W Frences: Previ1 $ ~ k rously, in ARA mode, the keyboard shor& c x k etcut for “Playback Selection” was erroJ 1 bneously liN M C g : 9 gsted under “Others” instead of under “TransporA O = 9 * v st Bar”. Th} \ 2 +is has been fixed.
The Note Inspector: The input field for Sibir W o Alant BalT , O [ W m Q #ance now reliably accepts inputI N 6 even when multp p 3 Fiple tracks are being edited simultaneously.
ARA in Cakewalk b6 K % #y Bandlab\ I Z ? 4: Under certain circumstances, Melodyne would crash when loading a session. This has b@ . _ )een fixed.
Ableton Live: The caus– Z B h H fe of random crashes when Mel2 r p #odyne was runnd \ d & R ! Iing in Live 11.1.1 under macOSG % t Monterey on a& I R m 7 / Mac with an M1 chip has been detected a3 8 @ { 8 F K v end eliminated.
Note editing: The “Restore Original” commands in the Edit menu now behave more consistently in the stand-alone implementation, in the Transfer p{ * Y , ] I J Q {lu. G Wg-in aM \ k K lnd under ARA.

Un cabrero extrb q DeV – Smeo dicz d p C # @ BN & 2e,

Released by (Audi: % B v 4oZ)po. B _pulag 2 e F s 6 k ; [r request.

1. Uninstall any previous version
2. Run our installer

Protect3 H 3 h iion: PACE/iLok & Double Signature Check

Our release ry 5 X H f o D Juns slightly faster thG r n 1an the legitimate version (Dh O z ^ R k O z gouble Signature Check is bypassed)
and yes, it still works on WIN7 (barel9 2 l ; –y tested)

AAX modified.
Note( y O 9 ) N _ % for Pro Tools users: As of version 5.3, Meloc ) ` v F { U n Odyne nop F n h x d i @ E longer works in Pro Tools 12.5
TheQ ` ) } L + AAX plugin is properly ‘f? ! u u [ixed’ and shou( ? m O y g Mld work on a compatible Pro Tools (if it’s ‘fixed’ to load modified plugins, of course).
We have^ 2 { nn’E b ] w : Z [ 5t tested on ‘PT 2021.7 R2R’, but can try it yourself…. ;)


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