The Uke is a cinematic ukulele instrument with a focus on rhythmic performances and unique playJ ; 0 F z % ~ing styles. WhileY e ] – j d N . primarily conceptualized for use in under score, you’ll discover highly energ+ T J detic, o+ P 3 & srganicf | p C G n l 2 sequences which can be crafted to fit any productionE q / l g \ x A 4.

Sourced from actual rS 9 h mepetition based performan3 C f J + ices, Uke has an unparalleled level of realism and fluidity. Capturing the sonic detab Y $il between notes, and before the peak of the transients rj | } 2esults in an unmatc_ C s 4 _ c Fhed connectivity and life like energ| \ _ | 1 sy.

Uke features a wide range of riffs, tremolos and playable repetition patches – samples that have been edited out of real performances, and programmed to play back with hyper-realistic connectivity. We captured both tonal and atonal playing styles.

We captured an exC u C L # l Y mtensive set of plO 1 h ^ 3 % Aaying styles from plucksP 6 R A # d 5, picks, and taps to brushes, harmonics a7 & N ?nd sticks. Most unique styles were sampled both tonally and atonallK # G : l : r W Iy, all with an emphasis on rhythmic performance. You can view more on– P } : TTheb J j 4 : resulting sounds are unique and well suited to film score.

The UI features duJ + Lal band AHDSR controls for sound shaping, advancedE M x U \ [ g controls for flexibility in perfop ^ q R 9 ) krmance and a powerful 32 step sequencer deg 2 0 6 isigned to craft. ( q N e H L energetic rhythms and grooves. Riffs patches have unique speed controls to eitheF 8 O pr double or half the tempo of a given perf@ 5 9 % M = 9 %ormance.

Texture in motion.
Uke is not a traditional ukulele virtual instrument. Wd ) N /e capE g S | W Ktured entirely unique playing stylc ~ 2 {es includii 1 ^ Nng plucks, picksl r 9, finger hammers, brushes, taps, tremolos and harmonics. In addition, we sampled atonal and percussive techniques.

The user interfac) K He featureZ [ / o | j k ? Ls a powerful sequencer designed to make rhythmic creatio[ = ^ Cn easy and inspiring. Also included are modulY b * m # V ^ation controls6 # 1 @ ` and advancH Q Q 9ed settings to customize plah m byback performancW J J Je.

ThisR ~ q S + # 7 P . product requires Kontakt 5.8 Full or above. The instruments need to be loaded in manually or byM V f R usinB A + ` ] w F O –g Kontak\ # E D H e c 9t’s quick-load feature. It will not appear in the libraries tab.