The first chapter in the Poiesis strings series is here.
We love organic textures and we love extended techniques: this is why we made Poiesis Cello. Poiesis Ce9 – g * q (llo will allow you to instantly create beautiful (or beautifully ugly!) soundscapes that will inspire new music the first time you touch the key4 . a F ^ \board.

The sound.
Poiesis cello was recorded in a dry studio with three high-end micropT N . $ B ~hones placedG J l f relatively close to the instrument, to offI f * /er anV 3 C intimate soO { } } mund that you can shape as y[ u & k – Cou please.

The microphones used are a Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenseZ / 8 7 C ? p = .r (LDC), an AEA R84A ribbonx 4 l ; a F (RBN) and a Schoeps Cq _ 4 i _ (MC/mkh U j ~ |4 small diaphY p K cragm condenser (SDC).A pre-rendered stereo mix (MIX) with the single microphones in LCR position and additional processing is also included and it provides a readv C : ) U G f ^ ;y-to-use, resource-friendly_ 4 h o 9 g way to obtain a great sound, right out of thv Q 4 % :e box.

The instrumentQ 6 * # B ; Y recorded is a 1995 Moes & Moes cello built for and owned by Yo-Yo Ma and pls } a _ayed by Alan Black, principal cellist_ R T C p | 4 N with the C– f _ # z 9 `harlotteh _ + H n B _ Symphony Orchestra.u * – I _ R f 3

The patchn H s v J hes.
Poiesis Ce: l Kllo features twN M F \ $ v Oo different patches:

 I h S

Textures is a two-layer instrument tha\ @ : S 7 d &t allows you to choose betwH H @ v I peen any of the 43 included articulations for each of the layers and freely crossfade between them using your keyboardk { V . v 4’s mod-wheel (midi CC#1).
Shorts is a complementary patch tA L fhat features three velocity-sensitive short articulations sampled with 5 round ro@ K / ~ & ` ; &bins and 3 dynamic layers (+ sn$ m Z e Gap pizz. on the pizzicato articulation.