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The authoritative sampling platform
• Industry standard: KONTAKT supports the largest selection of available sampled in~ z Ostruments.
• The in; + } r Q , Tcluded factory library puts 55+ GB of detailed, creative and expressive instruments at your fingertips.
• Drag and drop yo7 * fur own sample into the instrument’s interface to use your own voicew 5 N.
• Build your own inste n B | ,rument_ B o t $ q p l with powerful sampl\ Y X f Le editing and instrument building options.

It’s not just a sampler
使用E x =Kontakt 6,你可以听起来像一个小军鼓,交响乐团,或从各种各样的采样乐器之间的任何东西。当您需要它时,它是一个C C 7 H ? ^简单的采样器,当您需要更多时,它是一个深入的声音脚本实验室。世界上最受欢迎的下一代采样平台为您提供了新的乐器和背景的新功能,所以您可以层,链接5 $ y k | & T,拉伸和形状的任何方式,你可以想象的声音。