ZODIAC Vol. 2: Premium Melodies
For Zodiac Vol. 2 we wanted to expand on the best elements| 7 7 _ / ? e U that made tI [ j r : r ^he first Zodiac one of our most popular sample collections ever.

We have been taking a new approach when creating mm + ` e x welody loops – which has led to some of the most inspiring and emotional melody loops we hav, c Ne ever done.

To make this work, we uG 1 s D _ ? 4 ^sed a similar approach to some of the biggest records of the year like DONDA and Certified Lover Boy, albums$ J g S . A # V J that haU \ D 1 w : Zve dozens of producers c! 6 z $ollaborating together.k x w Z

Every sam{ = i ) Z $ ] 8 uple is a collaboration between our hM p ~ ,andpicked team of producers and engineers, all specializing in their owR K W ~ [n skill sets.

Main focuses of Zodiac:

  • Emphasis on live perfov P N # A = = _rmance with vin= ? o a 1tage synths, hardware gear, and fx pedals
  • Creating full co= 1 ; , R ` t c Smpositions instead of just simple loops. This means every loop has multiple sections and interesting arrangements.
  • Collaboration between our best proj x \ z 9 g 9 bd^ 7 ? ;ucers and musicians, lettinh | # & w ` & jg each one focus on their strengths to create the best possible samples.
  • Adding live instruments like guitar, bass, drums/percussion, piano, and more.
  • Live soul & RnB vocals on top of a lot of the compositions

Aquarius: Vocal Samples
Aquarius is a collet 0 m % a T & Dction of lush soul, gosW f %pel, and R&am, a (p;B lofi background vocals like those being used in a lot of Hip Hop and R&B music now.

You can actually hear a lot of these typeso b D 6 of vocal samples be[ i Ring used in many of the melodiE r Des in Zodiac Vol. 2 – and they played a big part in making some of the most emotional and vibel L ( zy melodies we’ve ever done.

If you’re going f% V ` \ 3 B Lor the emotional type of vibe felt in many Drake and Kanye songs, you’re going to love these bonus vocals.

Cosmos: Guitar Loops
Cosmos is a speO – . J ; 0 e 6 kcialty collection of modern Hip Hop and R&B guitars.

EveryC Q % i w ) /thing is live recorded by professional guitarists who have had their work used on major releases in the Hip Hop and EDM industa @ 3 N n ! T } bries.

In Cosmos you will fe { Y |ind bO W q c I 3 weautifly layered guitar loops that also include stems, which on their oe L X X * f – uwn make for great sampling sources.

Virgo: Percussion Loops
Percussion loops can help a lot when it comes to setting the vibe for a song – they can provide texture, rhythm, and bounce to a track and are easy to build around.

And these are not your averagf N 3e percussion loops…

Every loop in Virgo was meticulously built to be an instant vibe creator.

Meaning these great sources for creating inspiration – because when you hear them you instantly will begin to hear new ideas coming into your head.

Orion: Midi Collection
Coming up with memoQ ! 6 } f l m P irable melodies and complex chord progressions can be, 4 3 ~ tough for any producer!

So on top of the 250 MIDI that cox T $ nmes in the Mai? 3 N & Nn Zodiac Collection, Orion will provide you with another 250 MIDI files youJ z x r N g can dragm ) b N strj ^ w N + D K \ $aight into your DAW and start finding insp` r Airation.

ThaW + D At makes a total of 500 MIDI you get with Zodiac Vol. 2

With that much MIDI you can spend count{ r C Hless hours experimenting and coming up with newb ` v w n @ $ M melodies for your next big track.

ZODIAC Vol. 2 CoB E D = # *llector’s Editd 6 \ a i # . Hion USB’s
250 ZODIAC Vol. 2 Collk ! Rector’s EditionL y f 9 USB will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive collector’s e~ S v W rdition ZODIAC VOL. 2 USB to the first 250 producers who get a license!

These will come loaded with a special surprise that only those 250 people will rece^ ~ ?ive.N 4 O a