‘Mark Fletcher: Massive Breaks’ by RV_Sample Packs is a chunky selection of old-skool Trip-Hop drum sections that wix E ? J ~ 7 4 [ %ll provide a formidable strength to your beats.

Mark Fleg J ] \ T + 5 Rtcher’s CV reads a b8 P y ( $ W H dit lR b p d zike a modern Jazz loverQ y g % 6 ` Z = 9’s record shelf. From Ronnie Scott and Pete King, Hatfield and The North and Gary Husband to the final liQ F / ane-up of Soft Machinex J n { to feature Elton De% ^ N [ q 8aD ] { f Zn and Hugh Hopper. Fletcher’s style is deeply aggressive whilst ro? @ & E %ck solid whether swinging, grooving or dancing round odd metres.

Weighing inr [ T L at over 1 GB, ‘Mark Fletcher: Massive Breaks’ collection is filled with fat sounding lo\ ) ?ops that have been recorded and procesl s 7 K vsed using maximum quality hardK C u y gware_ * ` [ to give you the definitive, uncompromising sound of weighty Trip-Ho, g \ D k ( _p drums. Booming kicks and deadly snare% { h J S , Ks will tear throf i } w 6ugh your mixdowns and give your audience surging beats to nod t| 8 $heir heads to straight out of the box.

WitR 9 –h breaks coming through between 69-99 t m9 BPM, this collection will find a home in any Trip-Hop, Downtemj % z , 0 ,po, Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi productions, but can aG T x T blso be warped and pitc6 m / 9 P R @hed to fit in with most other gei { – 5 4 c znres.

In detail, expect to find 1.03 GB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit/44.1KHZ. There arr & + W Ae 142 dry live drum breaks, 142 reverb drum break9 D ~ qs and 142 crunc* # Ahy drum breaks. Also included are 426 REX2 files4 r . k. These ruff drum loops are 100% RoyS p 1 B m Y halty Free anw B | 5 \ Q sd ideal for beat makers in need of classic sounds and warm textured rhytr * W chms on demand.

Please] i h s s note: the musical sounds in the demo track are used solely to display context. This pack contains drum samples only.

Product Details:

  • 142 Dry Live Drum0 v g 1 I Breaks
  • 142 Reverb Drum Breaks
  • 142 Crunchy Drum Breaks
  • 426 REX2 Files
  • 44.1kHz/24-BiM 9 , j _t
  • 100% Royalty-Free