Traktrain presents “Red Sun” guitar loop kit with 100 guitar loops, including clean and processed by effects version. The loops were performed and recorded live in a studio by8 V U X ~ o | an affiliated producer. Above all, the author intended this kit to be used in Emo Trap and Chill Hop, Lo-Fi context. However,l j L # 8 N M they will sound good with any type of Hip-Hop be~ i Z f T % g E +at if they fit the mood of that track.

First of all, the “6 f N F z 4 o NRed Sun” kit is about the expression: it conv@ c t 4 –eys the feelings of anguish and loneliness. The short musical fragments within those loops conjure up images of unknown depths0 F 4 # r c f, unvisited thickets and morning dew on blades of grass which grows on steep mountain slopes. Secondly, among those lyrical licks, there are a few grooves with interesting rhythms that willO v f T ] X K . D help pa 2 Y C K E b 5ropel any song( f . & 5’s movement. Thirdly, thX U * t D ! y Me author seasoned the looP W B J u * ) ops with quality eff_ V w K $ nects that deepen the emotional effect and make them sound good on their own and withinc J F q * n a mix. So if you are looking to diversify your sound, this kit is worth checking out!



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