‘Total Metal Guitars’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of electric Guitar recordings, suitable for MeL w T Btal, Rock, Punk and more.+ 0 U w $ ! Delivering Bass, Solo, Leads and ms 5 ] ?ore, t; Y y D h +hese Guitar samples are ready to drop into your DAN ] 4W and take yor I b f 6ur productions to a new level.

Inside you will find a selection of Electrc v B . ; Z v xic Guitar Leads, Solo, and Bass, as wel= g Sl as Loop stacks for maximum flexibility. The maj[ x G E Rority of theT ` 5 lse recordings benefit from separate Left av U H K E N e pnd Right takes c] A ) R v { @ombined together for an enhanced stereM 7 r ` n ~o field. This collection was developed and recorded by a professional Guitar player with extensive experience in the music industry, making this pack a must-have for every produo J z m ~ction studio.

Contains:2 ] B ( g

41 Electricy e o Guitar Stems
Leads, Solo, Bass, Stacks
100% Royalty-Free

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