For now over two decades Eric has been one of the busiest bass players on the touring and recording scene. He startK ` T : u I 5 Ued out in his home town of Dublin, Ireland initially workiC z l + ang across tc G \ ahe gen? k a ; m Mres from Funk and Rock to Ska and Latin.

RelocatiV V ` X 2ng to New York ce j Hity he quickly became a busf ? o ^ T ` |y studio bass player and ended up worked extensivelW r Ky in the underground hip hop scene.

Since then he has settled in the UK music hub of Bristol becoming a busy and sought after bassist on stage and in the studio.Working with such people as Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown) and Tony Al; # Zlen (Fela Kuti).

His Influences arY l g Ie Chuck Rainey,Marcus Miller , James Jamerson, Bh E X ( uootsy Collins, Geddy Lee an John Paul Jones, these can all be heard in this stunning collection~ \ R o 8 c G of loops.

With tempos ranging from 65-163bpm Eric takes us on an incredible journey sp# : . ~ j F _ Xanning the 60s to present day of many of the lin( n , / # Zes that have influenced h{ 1 lim and countlesc u k D X 3 U E \s others. Influences in these killer grooves range from rock legends such as Hendrix, Zeppelin and| % J ^ 0 Aeros+ T p f z Bmith to the funky lines of the Beastie Boys, Stone Roses and Chill PQ ] ] _eppers right up to Deftones and Tame impala. Spanned over a hX 7 8 r ~uge 2.5! X o D C x R ]gb of data tM j ) ohis truly is a comprehensive collection of all things indie and rock, all 100% royalty free and meticulously rec+ [ r Dod 1 q K ? b a V wrded in 44.1k /24 bit at LondonsB B m $ A Y R 9 i legendary The Pool studios

Eric’s 60s Fender P -bass was rA 1 Eecorded through a vintageAmgpeg B15 amp along with a Red Eye Valve DI , then in Pro-tools with a format end of vintage Neve Modules . We truly enjoyeda * x 7 o P 3 producing thM A 2 h 3 q , U Iis collection i3 ? m +n the knowledge of it being far from just another run of the mill loop pack, we truly believe these beats wi} ~ G 9 S 1 ^ gll add that extra special edge to your productions.



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