Bursting with energy, ‘Rock Guitar’ is full to the brim with up tempo tunes and teenage dirtbag attitude, taking you back to those pop rock skatepark vir g – q ubes. Look forward to a hiB x Y \ Kgh voltage mix of fat power chord rhythms and crunchy, melodious riffs. Click yourself through this modern rendiU X 2 C $ X /tion of thatI U U H C 2 early 2000s radio, 3 b rock sound.

Tb \ Lhe product is 1,2 GB in size all in all. The tempos are between 152 BPM – 240 BPM. The library contaW T eins 9 folde0 % Q i . 8rs and offers a to3 ` f Ytal of 67/ 6 A S8 rock guitar loops in different m` w = i 7usical styles.
All loops are az x T S [ ! E ivailable both as amp sounds and as DI sounds. This gi: C _ 8 9 s T v _ves you the opportunity to record thp = ^e DI sound aG | i / A 9 qgain through your own amp chain anV } 9d create your own un7 _ fique guitar sound. All loops are recorded twice,& 2 * q B : . so you can place them left and right to get the best sterL [ l leo image.
With each gU \ 9 c ( t xuitar folder you wil( Y l + _ H Ql gI O U * $ ` \et a huge selection of different loops. Thu9 2 = ) \ 2s you can select guitar loops for a complete song or jusK w ; X b + bt use a sample for your song. These loJ ~ V u – i s I Oops are eaj ~ T w 5sy and intuitive to work with, enabling a fast workflow, which, of course, is essential in music production.

Each and every loop contains tempo and key information.e 8 ; They are pre-mixed and ready to use, with perfect EQ and light compression. They have been carefully and professionally recorded by proven experts, using top quality studio equipment, with sound optimized and recordP X | & F G & @ Aed in 24Bit and 44.1 KHz.

– 1.2 GB
– 678 Guitar Loops
– 152 BPM – 240 BPM



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