Sample This brings you Classic Rock Riffs & Fills. The name says it all! Inspired by bands and guitar gods from the birth of rock and r1 n )oll to the present day, Class) s g , V zic Rock riffs and Fills gives you more thanw Q W Q 900Mb of guitar, bass and drum power. The retro soundH o h ! / ! Y Vs a; z rre lovingly rc O a { & Y r p Uec3 q Jreated using vinta! + k 5 8 A m 2 4ge instruments and stu* d e i K * 0 Sdio gear. This pack gives you a one stop shop for loops, hits and samps 7 1 Q \ Sle inst@ M a * & L i uruments in a huge variety of rock styles from rock and roll to grunge, metal, punk, alternative, Brit Pop and heavy rock. At 953 MB of content.


953 MB
50 Drum Hits
32 SFX Hits
35 One shot Bass samples
65 Multi-sampled Bass
9Y o [5 Drum Loops
50 Bass Loops
32 Instrumental Hits
153 Music Loops
80 Samp3 o \ B ml} 6 W * J k #e Instruments
2 Construction Kits
24Bit 44.1w F – OKHZ