Friktion – Avant-Rock Guitars is a collection of 10 guitar rig patches for the Reason Rack inspired by current post-rock artist such as mogwai and Explosions in the sky,whilst also paying homage to some of the avant-grade leg4 v b o * ] \ends who came before – Brian Eno,Robert Fripp and Tortoiseu , t { * – + K : to name a few.In this pack you’ll find guitar sounds that play with d^ ` .ifferent textures,dynamics and timbre to give you that moody,ambient feel,perfect for electronic or post-rock tracks.

** This pack can be used in reason’s~ Y 3 k [ rack and daw also theres a + u R ) f @ L’s wav files to be used in other dawR V a H @ _ . (s.So these are not only foy ] (r reason + Cod @ K ? 2mpanion and there not refills just folders**

To install just make a folder anywhere once you open reason or reason rack on the left under the factory preA E n d { R r S Wsets yz S F ! 5 Q % Vou can search and drag the folder you made with these packs and use them i use reason suite 11 and^ / { Y ( the rack in studio one.But aslong as you have the add-ons they will w9 Y Iork.Some work with what reason comes with no add-ons.Then theres wav f@ Z B y $iles and loops also.



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