Following in the footsteps of high voltage classic rock bands, this collection includes soaring guitar solos,w I h h heavy drum grooves and a lot of gain. New to the game, this sample pack proves itseC Q J 5 d j Mlf a powerfu# [ E q Cl sequel to its prK F eedecessor ‘Big F} f y M +at Rock 1’.

Big Fat Rock 2 includes 7 huge construction kits, which consist of 7-13 subf\ C P ? L 5 7olders for quick navi) [ ` * % Kgation.

The sub folder of each conso : 3 K = | 9tructiS H ^ ] K ;onh u i ` 5 kit contains an intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, tY s m Xurnarounds and an outro. Usually the samples are 8 bars long, in some cases even up to 16 bars. Eaw F ^ o t % ] fch folder has its own demo mix to give you a quick musical overview.

Furthermore, all instrument and drum t{ A b J 6 + Bracks are available individually. For the drum set there are Bassdrum in and out, SnarZ j W ] s 3e Bottom and Top, HJ y L ~ F `i Hat, Overheads Toms and Room.

Each folder offers a huge selection of different loops, all of which work well together or can be used individually. All loops oY B j * T R zf a folder can easily be combined. Thus you can selecx O p v [ et loops for a c8 h w % F 8 = u pomplete song or just use a sample for your song – all within seconds. These loops are easy and intuitive to work with, enabling a fast workflow, which, of course, is essential in music production.

The product is 3,36 GB in size all in all. The tempos are between 66 BPM – 200 BPM. The library offers a total of 1100 loops in different rock styles.

The recordings and sound designs are made with high-quality recording equipment to capture a tremendous closeness of each sound. You will not only notice the textbooke P d 7 O ; t g , quality, but also the variety an% } L ^ G + N w &d high-qu| i |ality processing we are eager to proe 9 3 T Tduce.

Each andl = X ? y every loop contains tempo and key information. They are pre-mixed and ready to use, with perfect EQ and light compression. They have been carefully and professionally recorded% N 2 5 ^ d P N Y by pr2 # ~ ~ B T #oven experts, using top quality studio e+ ] 8 l r $ U Nquipment, with sound optimized andP A ) 0 m : % M recorded in 24Bit and 44.1 KHz.