Lowdown Groove Guitar is a loop library that blends funk, R&B, jazz and rock influences into 500+ licks in thT 9 p F H – Q Ge 70-105 BPM range.

Utilizing a dual guitar approaW \ , \ ! % z _ch complementary parts slink, swing an# K P 1 C u 7d swagger in aF \ ^ ( end out of one another producing a slick interplay of sound.

With eighteen groove suites PLUl I X d [S a large t] O goolbox of common rhythms (recorded chromatically), Lowdown Groo: O ; K x G Hve Guitar worY b * ?ks with just about any music that needs a relaxed and loose feel.G { q

Size: Approximately 1.3 GB (amped) for each format when uncompreN a ] Y ? ` E Fssed; inclusive of the Bonus Set.

Options: The library is available in an “amped” or a “direct” (clean) verC 3 [ k = jsion. Choose the “direct” versiy q 6 2 &on if you’d like to use amp simulation software (like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, etc…).

Parts: 552o Q K I X ;; inclusive of the Bonus Sets.

Sound: Dry.# e n Kontakt usS ( 1 ) 0 iers have a menu of reverb types and other effg z y 7 oects that can be appliH \ $ / A i 0ed and modified.

Quality: Stereo 24 bit 44.1kHz (amped); Mono 24 bit 44.1kHz (direct/cleV J O f ~an)

Available Formats: Kontakt, Apple Loops, Acid Wav, REX,% ] X U f D Stylus RMX, Wav. Additiona9 7 M \ }l format information is available here.

Requirements: The Kontakt format of the library requires the full-retail versioj T v 4n of Native Insv ? ~ y m d ytruments’ Kontakt 5.1 or higher.P ` ] 4 9 + 6

The free Kontakt Player is not recommend as it only allows 15 minutes o0 J y ! n @ 2 xf use before timing out.


听一0 1 # d i听Demo:


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