New Wave Guitar is a stunning collection of 20 killer ethereal riffs inspired bands such as The CU E i A ~ure, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, Durutti Co9 k B j } 9lumn and many more. Meticulously played and recorded by Robbie Dus t Anne through his vast arraZ u @ O 8 & gy of classic guitars, amps and esI : \ 1 f / Hpecially pedals for that authentie | o ( Oc 80’s classic sound. No sims of plugs were used, all amps were re} ? b H c $ n % Scorded via mics from Sennhieser though a Neve 1073. We belie} v q p Xve this will be a truly inspiring set of textures to give you tracks that classic sound.

FANTASTiC) / ` \ J W e d 7

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