Candies brings to you soulful and organic sounding melodic track starters, acoustic drums8 j 4 7 M, 808 basses, analog synth lines and unique percussion & fo! K p P | mley samples. All packaged as loops & one-shots. If you are producing Soul, Hip-Hop, DZ y bowntempo or any kind of drums and baD i _ss ow C a M /riented music we are sure you wi– H $ _ d jll find some gold here.

From nostalgic and melancholic to uplifting melx k A 2 M E t Fodies, from warm acoustic drums tG B # & 8 = h Ro traditional p] k x ; c R 9 e *ercussiP B B P J X ^ x Kon, and from dynamic bass lines to organic sounding syntx $ I S $ b ~ Mhs, we have packed it all to insl C \ ; )pire your future productions} 8 _ 9 u. All files have clear description andp ; b ~ they are note and tempo labeled to enable4 ( = 9 J N | you easy start.

  • 55 o~ e ; Cne shots
  • 81 loops

FANTI y R I M , G _ wASTiC