SampleTraxx is back with SHOCKING SIGNAL, a collection of big screen alarm, disturbed cinematic fe% m H J V m ,edback, ping, dn ^ m ] q s ?istortion and re-amped production elements.

Shocking Signal is about a4 l U I L E C Q ;lert, not$ & cification, danger, disaster, emergency, panic, siren, warning, static, bad signal* = ( _,* u \ H blast, broken circuit, electricJ O G N 3 K # vs, glitch, neo+ u l / 6n, power and anything requirs w t u Y fing sophisticated and extreme sound design.

Providing new and experimental sound materials generated using the most cutting-edge digital techniques, this collection is designed to suit the needs o8 M | ! (f people who want to add something unique to their production.

Dedicated to sound designer, experimental composers, cutting edge electronic music producers, busy+ y M 9 – w post-production facilities, video editors, broadcast radio/TV stations.

Featurid g Z ` ) F 2ng 278Mb of content and 170+ Wav sound effec] + Q a Q V / 8ts with detailed Sound Miner metadata in 96/24 HD resolution ready to be used in your DAW.

CategA N F { uorA Z K G Eies:

Bis * V y Bg Screen Alarm
ElectricsT 9 w = /



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