Capturing a range of moods, Indie Game a sweet collection of bubbly game music loops that will help you construct your game or video soundtrack w4 b r j R I O Dith ease. These recognizable\ * m, fun-filled and simple music loops are a great asset for fast prototyping and ready for use} 8 L m r in your final product, all royalty free.

The Indie Game Music Loops sound libra+ 2 z C R W $ T ory includes clips with variations to giF e J , h ive you flexibility for creating layers, mixing and blending, and creating dynamic background soundtracks. Loops are pre-mixed and mastered and read] e m X l G b I /y to drag and drop into your sound and mL j 2 8 ^ 5 e G Eusic project.

Prod6 | c & { ? 1uct Details:

– 25 minutes of game music loops
– 275.2 MB o– K , : ^ P Sf samples
– All in 44.1k 16bit .wav file format
– Cartoon muc p bsic loop library
– 27 upbeat, cartoon music loops
– 33 indie game dark and moody music loops
– 19 bouncy synth-wave music loops



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