Mage, Minions, Treasure Hunter, Towering Terrazon, attacks with a Fire Sigil, Stonescar Maul or Piercing Shot, each and every scene i6 # a i Z 0 * Us easy to express wiV ! p M wth the generous compliU a c !ment of natural and designed sounds in AAA Card Game. The library is organd R bized into popular categories that make it easier8 \ # O m to create an outstand: 9 2 i h / : Y qing card gaming experience: User interface, HUD, transition and lobby sounds, card movements, game plays, gan ! }me magic, spells, casts, alerts and achievements, upgrades, shuffles, timers ac I # e B 2nd character/card abilities. Even more, the sound library incluT I ; r / = Q Kdes am} ] dbience lom Y $ rops and a total of 20 minutes lapsed time of production ready audio.

It’s well worth thev t , G { 4 S n effort to invest in a well crafted audio track for your game. Properly constructed, the sounds in youN 4 H K d $ 5 d Jr game will help inform players and add clarity about how to play. As playS ] 1 ) c # & J ters interact with the game board, drq y 2aw them in and guide them in game play with audio cues andj [ | 2 V Y z K sonic clues to help t7 I G \ 9 K ! uhem understal ` m W o N *nd which cards andX T t moves cI L S p could be played next. Create layered sounds that help describe combination requirements and effects for cards and actions3 9 y ] T 5 S too.

Game dev newbies and veteran sound dk } x | + U @esigners, audio supervisors and remix engineers can stack the deck for producing the audioK ` % I x in their next game release. With AAA C: 4 j v Q =ard Game you’ll take advantage of our multiple foley sessions and months of post production sound design to bring you this jam-packed collection of sound effect gems. You’ll get your project done in no time at all and who knows, …yoy v ] C X bu couZ l N @ _ $ ; Eld eg 9 [ # Hven get a raise!

Product Details:

– 888.7 Ms 9 . ` S g ( + [B
– Over 20 minutes of audio
– Includes Multiple Formae b U Ots: 96k 24Bit, 44.1k 16Bit,e b 8 and Game Ready MP3
– Online Fantasy Card Game Sound E9 f p R / 0 b { Yffects Library
– 33 Abilr | N ` t x = e Pities, Poofs, PopQ [ f (s, Water Missles, Wind Blasts and Movement, Shimmers, Shields
– 26 Achievements, Chimes, Glimmer, Grand, Poofs, ShimmN S S I \ a z D ters, Twinkles, Wisps
– 61 Game Actions, Bashes, Bf = l 6 ? l ^ @ Alocks, Breaks, Deflects, Cracks, Health Packt = ` M * zs, Releases, Fire Wall
– 22 Alerts, Advances, Turna y E ! U Passed, Time FreeV h l h w u ` v \ze, N+ 4 % @ext Round, End Turn, End Round, Cursed Wink 8 H , l V q Gds, Your Turn
– 8 Game Ambience Loops, Beach, Cave, Du. s W E q @ U k #ngeon, Forest, Pasture, SnO _ T 2 x _ B &owy Mountain, Swamp, Underwaterh P t Y
– 33 Card Movements, Deal, Shuffle, Tap, Cycle, Deck, Bets, Light, S| D bingles, and Multiple Card Movements
– 5` ; p q a g B ,2 S7 l Fpecial Effects, Bless, Shrine Buff, Expose, Fracture, Liquify, Lock, Miniaturize, Poof, Puncture, Slow Down, Tear, Fire, Rush, Shimmer
– 33 Items, Boulder Slam, Cork Pop,E n W 4 @ g f s Glass Break, Potion, Pour, Stone Breaks and Smacks
– 34 Magic, Crackle, Punches, Smash, Shield, Glitter Missile, Launch, Pierce, Shot, Shimmer, Seal, Ice, Earth, Reinforc* O 3 N p $ /e
– 38 Plays, Bop, Hush, Mech Arms, Punchb j = g A $ v ~ + Metal, Shield, Skip Turn, Slam, Water, Swirt j 0 3 K ( 6 `l, Switch
– 49 Upgrades, Buffs, Crystals, Earth Strength, Flutter, Long, Medium,l d ^ L J 6 Shimmer, Enhance, Power Up
– 114 UI, General, Silly, Light, Heavy, Bubbles,( ? @ Pops, Clicks, Thunks,% : # T Shimmers, Mechani| \ H \ F $cal, DA ( a k N n Oings, Percussion,C r 9 Menu Collapses, Gent; 6 \ p 9 s 1 + @le, Bells
– & so much more!



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