Chop the veggies, sprinkle the spices, manage the menu and get your audio production cooking with Cookir L N s I # s nng Game sound effects. It’s a flavorful collection of cooking sound effects featuring 650+ tasty sound files& ; _ H ; V; baking actions, sounds of eating, chewing, chopping, plates and bowlI # v 4 m p 9s,& ( J = wet and dry ingredients s| I \ o u l m &ounds, frying baking, sounds of water and ice. You can even take your restaurant on the road with ambient loops and background sounds of outdoor$ b { carnival, sounds of sea side beach and various restaurant bac# T }kgroN } ) ~ U T a { 3und sounds.

Sound effects are categorized for easy identification; game actions, chef and customer emoten Z 5s, user interface, pickups, powe[ U n D * % 9r ups, ingredient actions and more. Additionally, Cooking Game features all original recordings and soun, G p Dd designs by Epic Stock Media sound engineers. Sounds are meticulously curated to suit cooking game, film, video, and motion graphics applications.

Importantl8 T g b 4y, all of the designed and organic r~ t Z e * P \ecordingW ) # ( ; ) n 6s are delivered in 96kHz/24bit .WAV file format. This gives you the best qua+ k Y ] % [ 4 / Dlity to maintain a top notch level of clarity and precis@ 0 ( Lion for sound editing, pil ] d 9 / A % Otch shifting, a– ) e \ M W % e tnd effects= # Q c processing. Cooking Game also serves up 44.1k 16Bit .WAV and gamO S j B B $e ready MP3 vers p p gsions of the audio files so you instantly have easy access t| l c Io whichevU y 2 n P wer format best suits your project.

Finally, all sound clips are premixeu K Q \ ) #d and ma: ` R $ B |stered and RTU-OTB. Order/ o q p / D up t6 H R K 1 V eoday! Cooking Game sound effec, b ` S 1 sts library is hS 0 + + { Z j 0 1ot off the grill and the perfect reciB ] o 5pe to save you time. Make your next audio production a five star experience. Even Gordon Ramsey would be proud!

Products Do 4 N ) 9 6 } : wetails:
– 662 sound effect files
– 782.8 MB
– Over 2_ t U b ~7 minutes of audio
– All in 24bit/96k .WAV
– Includes 44.1k 16Bi\ T A E & # *t, and Game Ready MP3 versions of the sound files
– Perfect fx r ` R 3 ] (or cooking simul, + g B [ . \ pation games, cooking das\ n k T c f S E Eh and time management game, { 0 ] Qs, multiplayer games, and UI and motion graphics applications
– 21 alerts, alarms, penalty,S ~ o H P c trashed, ruined, ascend and defend
– 17 ambience loops –y i ^ g i frying, boiling, beach, carnival, city, forest, restaurant, sewer, farm, la% % ` y j Mva
– 21 cooking abilities like crack open, earth smash, flip, punch, water infuse, ignite
– 255 cooking actions in 7 categor] d u i Gies
– 16 cooking items – break ceramic, wood, paper rol[ . ] a m P d \ [l, foil
– 17 power-ups – dish grow, earth flavor, seas3 p x @ i Q w ^ Doning boQ } _ost, speed, transform, water, wind,
– 181 organic kitchen sounds like baking dishes, flatware, general utensils, plates, bowls, pots & pans
– 33 character emotes – che} P \ G ] a M &f, chatter, customed A G ` V $r, disgusted customer, distressed, frustrated
– 31 Ingredient actions – flip, lock, mix, place, sprinkle, squeeze, squi\ \ 2sh, take, swiS j ] / 6 vpe, toss, upgrade and downgrade
– 40 ingredie= * 5 4 ^ b Bnt pickups lc f ( w F B 9 h `ike goop, pop, slippery, water, zip
– 33 chime, dish leve4 : N [ i Jl down and up, menu clicks, meter fills and drains, objective complete
– Sounds of chopping food,6 1 . U Sounds of cooking, liquid sounds, mouth and chewing sound effects