Game Ready Audio Assets! Join our sound designers and creative engineers on an epic jO a _ourney across the fieldse & 7 ~ o of Rohan to the great Misty Mountains to discover and creato k J \ Xe the perfect alchemy of Quest Game. An e! k Fntirely new collection of game ready sound effects for building your own immersh U ?ive world of fantasy gameplay, action, and adventuW ? 9 Q M a 3re.

Muster a} 6 h W a u = _ = hoard of orcs, create the soundscapes of village life or outfit fantasy character actions with ease. With more than 1300 mix and master ready audio assets in your cache, Quest Game is a king’s ransom of premium quality AAA game ready sound effects that turn the tides in your favor. Quest Game! FTW

Our sound designers andz 0 Q ] E 8 ~ creative engi. / O 6 N ^ S )neers have been on an epic journey across the fields of Rohan to the great Misty Mountains to discover and create the perfect alchemy of Quest Ga? ` ! n I % A {me. An entirely new collections \ p # of game ready audio assets for building your own immersive world of fantasy gameplay, action and adventu] ) X 3 0 p 8 ~ /re.

In mere moments you’ll be able to muster a hoard of orcs, create the soundscapes of village life or outfit fantasy character actions with ease.9 K m B U Find a hidden\ i @ l 9 ] sound treasure with 1300+ mixed and mastered ready sound assets. Instantly be rewarded with a king’s ransom of premium qual( E r p N \ T –ity AAA game ready audio assets. Adding to your project in 96k 24bit, 44.1k 16bit, and MP3 formats.

SounX u R 1d the call of eminen– – . Ht victory with loot crates and treas$ h R | ] Rures chests to reward your players, an empowering allotment of sliding and moving gears and mechanisms, character eqM v – O + h S kuipment pickups and9 | ] h & e ? placements, menu selects, unlocks, positivz _ & )e rewards and achievementsa & n – %, footstep and foley sound effects on cobblestone road, forest grass, brick walkway, tavern wood fp V =loor.

The deep selection of ambient background and nature loops, over an hour of sound by themselves, mG z @ Xake tw + G ! a q ( ,his cov j I 4 W ^ rllection a powerful tool for completing your project on time and a certifiable best value. Quest Gav T C j + * l h Wme – Fantasy Adventure Sound Effects Library is well equipped with\ j o w undead magic, elemental spell sounds, game action effects like crafting, harvesting, jumps, gear bJ c h C cags, books, and scrolls plus sY | _cene setting and environmental soundy 0 U n B c / Y 8s for haunted cra k V T i T d typts, dungeon wind, undead city, royalG F O x l f E w chambers and elven outpost custom backgrounds.

Level up your audio production empire with Quest Game. A complete sound effects kit for any action adventure, fantasy magic sound project. Quest Game ish z n just about everything you need to tell your epi8 0 o * F j $ Hc story in sound ad S % nnd completely outfit a full-featured MMO, RPG (Role Playing GamE e C d + Ee), mobile, app, console or any platform style game.

All nature ambiences recorded on location in Fin] J 9 }land, Tennessee and Illinois USA. Over 6 Months in the making.

The tides of sound turn here. Quest Game! FTW.

Product Details:

  • 1316 Game R@ @ [ u w W jeady Audio Assets
  • 4.86Gb of Samples
  • Over 2 hours and 43 minutes of Gh t \ A M Pame Audio
  • Includes Multiple Formats: 96k 24Bit, 44.1k 16Bit, and Game Ready MP3
  • 47 Alerts and Notification Blasts, Ca j 6 Phimek ; 3 # } Ys, CinJ g Z 4ematic Drum Impacts, Rings & more
  • 49 DesigneW U \d Game Ambience Loops like Haunted Crypts, Dungeon Wind, Undead Cx 2 P \ k i N M =ity, Royal Chamber, E2 = \ z K Qlven Outpost, Orc BaseT a = & more
  • 70 N! J * m N T 7 /ature Ambience Loops – Water, Ocean, Streams, Creeksu g r, Rivers, FounU v 3 { C j 6tains, Trickles, Waterfall, Forest, Wind, Rain and Thunde# f ^ ur
  • 6 Bonus Long Format Ambiences
  • 129 Game Crafting Loot, Weapons, Armor, Enchants, Undead Material, Items, Bottl= w t ses, Potions, Harvest, Plants, Mineral Ore, Jugs, Goo,
  • 71 Designed Stone Deep Impacts, Hits, Avalanche, Thunder Claps, Debris, Slides, and Movement
  • 80 Doors and Chests, Gem Stash, Metal Crates, Wood Trap Doors, Opens, Closes, Unlocks & More
  • 163 JuW ( # 0 Jmps and Footsten y 5 * v n P O }ps on Grass, Cobblestone, Concret\ & A ~ } 7 z – 2e, Brick, Gravel
  • 94 Game Actions – Gear Bags, ForgC _ 5 { we Anvilst I F h ] x C z |, Pape| j N y l n X 8r Scrolls, Books & More
  • 237 Magic Spells, Hits, Casts, Conjures, Items, Healing, Whooshes, Reveals, Shimmer, Beacons, Poofs, Explosions, Loot, Fire, Undead, Earth,
  • 150 Secret Mechanisms, Gears, Hinges, Wood Opens, Turns, Latches, Caw d mstle Gate Cranks, Clunks, Metal Padlocks, Locks, Dials, Rotates, Slides, and Movement
  • 11J ~ #6 Tribal Hits, UI, Notifications, Percussive Touches, Collects, Clicks, Taps, Hitsa } # } . % a Z, Bells, Shakers, Switches & more
  • 104 UI Menu Navigations, Inventory PlacemeJ 4 s R E ont, Equipment Slots, Auction HouB 7 ( Rse Coins, Exchanges, Keys, Bass Buttons, Crafting Pops, Clicks, Levers, Knocks