This natural selection of seamless loops is a subset of our Nature’s Soundscapes sound library. Particularly suit, ? t ; e [ l ged for g( ? p X I h 3ames, multi-layer environments and backgro. D \ zunds. The Ambient EarN B 0 |th Nature Loops sound FX collection incu ^ $ % ~ K a Q Eludes traditional and alternatL ! q * Q c = ! ]ive points of view on the sounds of wind, water, rain, thunder, forest` 0 u U . D Y f Ms, mountains, and nighttime. The collection is a fantastic complement to any sound designer needin? ^ B @ ( E Hg to recreate organic environments or soundscapes.

All files inside Ambient Earth Nature LooD Y 3 C N K & Lps loop seamlessly. Most loops are 45-60 secon5 X N } M s Xds in durati} b & * @ \on and can be played for as long as[ 2 2 U N f Z you need them to. This nature ambience loop library showcases sound effects from all across the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee, countryside of New York, The Rocky & Smokey Mountains. After 1 year of recording different locatio! k B ] [ns with the aim of creating a valuable resource for game nature loops, we present to you this ultra affordable and versatile library.

All of the oV } n / x : #rganic and lightly ed} 1 M l W 5 Y W ]item 2 @ @ Q ^ } D Ld field recordings are delivered in 96kHz/24bit .WAV file format. That’s the quality youe ` & – : = Y need to maintain a top-notch level of clarity and expreE A v 3 *ssion whJ 7 s u Ten sound editing, pitch shif} r g 1 w # 2 iting, and effects processing.

The awesome power of nature is in your mix and you’ll be in total control with t= c jhese beautifc 8 M Fully captured sounds. Impress your audience with the grand auditory eg H Q 6 D &xperiences you can create with the Ambient Earth Nature Loops – sound effects library.

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