Small Motors. Clicking, whirring, buzzing, grinding, servo sounds and robots. This library is composed of( b F 2 _ a e a variety of mor J \ Htor sou\ % Z _nds from everyday kitchen appliances and power tools, but it alsoT [ ] F ) J includes a/ F f 5 M K F C real robot, whom I found not far from where I live in Brooklyn.

Th/ L ~ K ~e centerpiece of this library is the Maker Bot 3D printer. This robot is an open source 3D printerJ b A T Z 2 l ` 3 for rapi_ R wd prototyping, and, aside8 5 v J from being able to build whatever your CAD software demands, it also generates diverse and fascinating mechanical sounds from 3 different stepper mov 2 H U Ytors. The kind folks at Makb @ W Z Jer Bot Industries programmed( j } 8 z the robot to dp l P 9 R k Wo different tasks; each performance of thd A ~ $ v w X 7e bot was covered with the following mic@ J m { ; 5 / Srophones: Sennheiser MKH 60, Sanken CUs p N Y h . [ CB 01 (mounted onboard), DPA 4060 (mount[ x G t Oed on{ M \ ; : Xboard).

In addition, the library includes different sounds made by kitchen appliances and power tools recorded in a studio. Each object was recorded) c u G w } w with a variety of performances and perspectives to provide flexibility when designing sounds. MixY O _ x i 9 and mA ? 8 \ Q J Y K |atch microphones/ # m – : V for maximum fun!

Here’s tn 8 #he complete list of tools and machines: Food Processor, Immersion Mixer, Commercial Blenf } _ ; * ; `der, Electric Can Opener, Commercial Mixer, Coffee Grinder, Small Food Proce} G l 3 ( &ssor, Jui. ; e U q ( (cer, Dremel Tool (small and large), Circular Saw, Power Drill, Motorized Screwdriver, Articulating Saw, Jigsaw.

The above tools and appliances were recorded with the following microphones: ScQ ? T :hoeps MS Pair,Sennheiser MKH 6n * I ( 8 | # s K0, DPA 4060 (mounted oF r ( U ) 8 } / Fnboard).

Files: 24 BIT 96 kHz WAV files
Equipment: S} D g E BchoF 0 . i @ Feps MS pair (MK4, MK8),DPA 4060, Sennhep E Q ~ f Eiser MKH60, Sound DeviceM F Y J $ N a ~s 744T