More than 500+ sound effects inspired by hit computer games like World of Warcraft, and Diablo. Tell your story, equip your quest and outfit the adv[ 9 D [ 3 ! # O ~entures in your fantasy world with i{ / ^ I T bmaginative and immersive sounds, effects and creative crafted audio.

Fantasy Gamex D . , l 7 . 1 empowers today’s game developers, audio remixers, sound designers engineers, DJs and even game oriented modern podcasters witk ] Y v Ch an ultra excitiM U . Q { $ j R Kng collection of db – J B W Iesigned sounds derived fromp j Q V ; stunning 192k source recordings.) J j Every asset is RTUOTB and the entire collection is sure to becZ O `ome a key to producing y[ j N R )our next AAA production. You might even find an orc or two inconspicuously lurking in the mix so caution is advised.

Sounds that will help you set the scene in crystal clear 96* 0 b t D GK/24-Bit audio include; humble activities such as foraging, wooden levers, crafting, potions and rocks to lofty toz F ( d T x V , ines setting the stage for elemental magic, missiles, molten lava and ice, spells, crossbow7 * \s, knives and sw& { $ ! n ` 1ords and fairyY : X w r % Z O h dust.

Every asset is RTUOTB and the entire collection is sure to become a key to producing your next AAA prC U [ 8 T E A RoductionH X E # y ; q : P. You might even find an orY E h bc o8 F c 1r two inconspicuouT 6 + Nsly lurking in the m) 7 5 P A :ix so caution is advised. Fantasy Game is a de= ! : 6 Zsigned adventure game sound liP H ubrary that’s perfect for fantasy productions and isD B X g @ \ spot on for game developers and audio producers in every genere.

Product Specifications

  • Format: WAVs
  • 044 x Actions
  • 055 x Attacks And Cre[ V ~ \ 6 i Xatures
  • 112 x Crafting
  • 115 x Elemental Mz b I 2 @ Q L |agicc J M | I | L
  • 091 x Footsteps
  • 059 x Items
  • 043 x UI
  • 511 z d ^7 x Individual WAVs Files
  • 96.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
  • 44.1kHz 16-Bit High Qualita + ty
  • Compat1 p l N X j Uible With All DAWs