‘Evolved Game Creatures 2’ by Epic Stock Media is the second installment of the ‘Game Monster’ sound effects seri3 4 : $ w _es focused on briI N \ B anging pri } { o ) Coducers and sound designers a vS ^ M \ersatile and wide ranging selection of medium to small creature and monster styled game sound effects.

Uc N = = o 8 ] ]seful in animations, video games, mobile apps,Y ? 2 – V @ s ] ~ motion graphics, film, and soft1 c y 9ware development, ‘Evolved Game Cy f 0 t Q T U @reatures 2’ is a go toR { c Z m A 8 f / collection of monster sounds and audio creativity. Inside you’ll find over 160+ distinctive, immn : T wersive, game opt. ) fimized creature sound effects, vocalizations,Q x E . k Z X n N attacks, death[ T 6 | { { f souQ 2 ynds, special FX and more. Creating compelling cinematic game characters and outstanding gameplay audio el v m m Fxperiences has never been easier.

Exy n Nplore thru 10 inspiring sound sets of your favorite mystical crea9 e r P 5 h ftures` J y H y S ., imaginative supernatural beings that are perfect fL z ! O Kor any fantasy productio. S ? T x p m zn! Each sound set and creature w\ r , L 2ill have sounds for ath ? #tacks, death, damage, spawn, hits, impacts, breathing, and more| v s ~ B E o!

‘Evolved Game Creatures 2’ is designed specifically for games. The audio texture of th_ ] L T F H B @e entire sound library is1 K & C deep, dynamic and rich. This collection is perf` 2 y W B Yect for desig! # 8 Y 4 i j 7 nned monster sounds effects yoV = d A G f z Hu might find while roaming around in a game, MMO, RPG, or for animalistia w z ] Kc villains, creatures, enemy bosses, non-player characters, bots or antagonist characters in your next game.

All of the designed recordings are delivered in 96kHz/24bit WAV format. That’s the qual1 / : 6 R tity you ne8 | 8 8 – ied to maintain a top-notch level of claritT l l 8 Sy and expression when sound editing, pitch shifting, and effects processing. Not only that, ‘Evolved Game’ also provides 44.1k 16Bit WAV and game ready MP3 versions of the entire collection, so you never need to convert files. Simply choose the format that best suits your project aY J ^ \ ( e Hnd design immersive gameplay.

Creature List:

Gnoll – (Hyena Creature)
Harpy – (Dinosaur Bird Creature)
Hell Hound – (Dog Creature)
Kelpie – (Horse Creature)
Mimic – (Mechanical Dinosaur Creature)
Orc – (Humanoid Creature)
Owl Bear – (Bird Mammal Creature)
Rock Golem – (Supernatural Creature)
Wight – (Ghoul Creature)
Wraith – (Spirit Creature)

Produ* = Uct Details:

  • 166 Sound Effects
  • 10 Creature Andj 4 F f Monster Sound Sets
  • 96kHz/24-Bie t + \ at
  • 100% Royalty-Free