An ancient mage’s library containing legendary arcane scrolls, magic tomes of old, and ancient lost spell books has been discovered bya l j ^ = a Y the Epic Stock Media sound team. Calling all audio wizardsa H . r C, sound des4 % !igners and audio effects sham. & $ w Y !ans. Introducif & W b ? B ; 8ng MMO Game Magic, a highly versatilI p , V W ^e and wide-ranging anthology a fantasy magic spells and user interface styled sounds.

Inspired by hit computer games lx _ z R #ike World of Warcraft and Diablo, MMO Game Magic, is an expertly crafted and imagined spell book of natural, minimal to hybrid & highly processed magical game audio assets that will comple5 * E vte almost any project where fantasy or magical assets are required. The library isU y V m also org7 ^ Nani] 1 U r o ~zed into popular categoriesj ( C ; that make it easier to creatY ] ae outstanding fantasy gaming experiences in th= 0 O L P Ae following spell/sound type : Acid, Armor, Dark, Earth, Fire, Holy, Frost, Lightning, Water, & Wind.

UsefulJ [ x 8 Z 9 in animations, video games, mobile apps, fantb j ] 4asy productions, motion graphics, film, and software, MMO Game Magic’s apothecary of audio fantasia will help you set the scenD 1 * ] I 0 v Te in crystal ball clarity of 96k 24bit .wav file format and market leading imaginative audio creativc G W [ { o 0 Z Gity.

MMOb ! % . r t Game Magic inS * x z % 3cludes 500 designed game ready audio assets &amp) 0 2 v # % m ~; sound ek J bffects such as: eleme\ W S hntal earth magic, arcane projectiles, dark conjures, fairy dust, fire & ice spells, puU % R s [ T # Ylsing holy casts, zeus inspired lightning FX, shadow & dark casts and spells for demons or shamans, acidic poison burns, attacks and magic, & a tome| C n L Y ! C of versatilT F n K f 0e supernatural SFX that can be used for ui taps, buttons, clicks, buffs, power ups, whooshes, transitions, collects, magic items, touches, hits, air conjures, w, T i : % W N t :ind swooshes, and more.D M ! 2 ! ? Voice and background music not included. Enlist the wizard you hear in t; l % o O 5 /he audio demo trailer for a very reasonable wage here – AAA Game Character Wizard



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